Past and Present Speakers

Fantasy Orchids
H&R Orchids
Gold Country Orchids
EnLightened Orchids
J&L Orchids
Mountain Orchids
Botanica Ltd.
Marni Turkel
Michael Orchid Nursery
Wild Orchid Company

Natt's Orchids
Norman's Orchids
OakHill Gardens
Piping Rock Orchids
Ron Parsons
Zuma Canyon Orchids
Canaima Orchids
Woodland Orchids
Woodstream Orchids
Sunset Valley Orchids
Miranda Orchids
Hanging Gardens

Orchid Supplies

Echter's Garden Center, Arvada, CO
Orchid supplies and lots of other garden supplies, flowers and plants. Host location for past DOS Orchid Shows

Tagawa Garden Center, Centennial, CO
Orchid supplies and lots of other garden supplies, flowers and plants. Host location for the 2012 DOS Spring Orchid Show

Kelly's Orchid Supplies
Reliable seller of all things necessary to grow your orchids, including the clear plastic Aircone pots

Orchid Mall
This site provides lists and links for plant sources, services, supplies, software, speakers, orchid societies, photographic sites and more

Purple Clay
Unique orchid pots

US Orchid Supplies
Denver Orchid Society members receive 10% off if they refer to your membership

Manufacturers of plant stands, pocket greenhouses, and humidity control, also high-efficiency grow lights for indoor gardening enthusiasts.

Orchid Plants
Orchid plants and cut orchid flowers by mail direct from the grower
Orchids and cut flowers in Denver's Cherry Creek shopping district

Enthropic Orchids
Specializing in blooming orchid plants, located in Denver's Santa Fe Art District

River Valley Orchidworks
Mail order orchid plant nursery/retailer located in Clarksville, Arkansas. Specializing in named, blooming sized orchid plants including Phalaenopsis, Oncidiinae, Intergenerics, Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, collector orchids, and decorative containers and planters. They host the forum OrchidTalk for orchid growers and gardeners along with a 3D Virtual Live Chat.

Orchid Magazines

Orchids magazine published by the American Orchid Society
Orchid Digest published by Orchid Digest Corporation

Other Links
Online forum community where orchid enthusiasts can share information and show off their prized possessions — and of course vent out a little about this great hobby!
The best place to start for a new grower; grower Ron's Gro-Tips Helpsite by Worldwide Orchids

PBS's Orchid Hunter Check out their fabulous pictures

Artist Tiffany Miller will immortalize your favorite orchid bloom or plant by creating a custom work of art for you in any medium!

Colorado Carnivorous Plant Society

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