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If you are visiting this page from outside the Denver area — possibly from elsewhere in Colorado, or from another state, or even another country — then we invite you to join our Society and attend meetings through Zoom. You are free to attend two meetings before deciding to join us officially. Just send an email to Jojo deBeaubien at and she will send you a Zoom link so you can lurk long enough decide whether to join us. We’ve been meeting now for more than 70 years.

The May meeting will be held April 14th in person only. Meeting starts 6:30 for socializing and 7 PM for the main meeting. The place is:

Denver Botanic Gardens 1007 York St, Denver, CO 80206.

Enter by the Pinion gate, a small gate just north of the main entrance. Once inside, go through the main entrance and proceed up the steps and all the way to the back to find Sturm Hall. It’s behind you when you hit the office area.

During the outdoor light display at DBG Sturm Hall will be accessed from outdoors. Cross the street to get to the same side as DBG then take the sidewall to the right until you see the sign for Sturm Hall. Enter the doors and take the stairs up one flight. Sturm Hall should be right in front of you.

Interested members of the general public are welcome to attend up to two meetings before deciding whether to join the Denver Orchid Society.


The May meeting will be the 14th and will be presented by Leon Glicenstein Ph.D..

Leon will be speaking on “Jewel Orchids”.

Leon Glicenstein Ph.D. began growing orchids in 1954, and became assistant to the curator of orchids at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, then Carl Withner, from 1957 to 1960. He has advanced degrees in Chemistry and Horticulture, with an emphasis on plant breeding, cytology, and cytogenetics. Working as a plant breeder for five years at Linda Vista S.A. in Costa Rica, he photographed, in the wild, approximately 80% of the then known orchid species of Costa Rica. He also found new species such as Telipogon glicensteinii, Macroclinium glicensteinii, Pterichis leo, Stenorrhynchos glicensteinii, and Lepanthes glicensteinii. He won the second American Orchid Society Dillon/Peterson Essay Contest using one of his Costa Rican experiences. He has photographed many of the orchids in the Northeastern United States, Florida, and all of the orchids in California, where he located some taxa not formerly known to exist there. As a respected lecturer, has given numerous conservation oriented programs both nationally and internationally, showing orchids growing in their native habitats. Leon has been an invited guest speaker at both the Vancouver and Miami World Orchid Conferences. He has published numerous articles in the American Orchid Society magazine [including a 10 part series on Jewel and Painted-leaf Orchids with a supplement] and some in the Orchid Digest.

Leon joined Hoosier Orchid Company in September 1998. As a breeder, as well as a grower, of orchids at Hoosier Orchid Company Leon specialized in working with members of the Pleruothalidae, Zygopetalinae, Gongorinae, Angraecoid, Jewel and Painted-leaf orchids, as well as other groups. He has created numerous novel and new combination not before known, thereby extended our knowledge of generic relationships within the orchid family. Since the demise of Hoosier Orchid Company Leon has been consulting with other orchid companies on growing orchids from seed.

A strong conservationist, Leon was a past chairperson of the American Orchid Societies Conservation Committee, and had been a member of this committee for decades. He represented the AOS at the international conservation meeting in Costa Rica in 2007. In 2013 Leon was elected to the position of “Fellow of the American Orchid Society” for “… outstanding contributions to conservation, hybridizing, and the educational advancement of the Orchidaceae” [AOS’s words], an honor given to only nine other people since the inception of the American Orchid Society.

Before coming to Hoosier Orchid Company he worked for an internationally known plant breeding company breeding crops such as Chrysanthemum, Carnation, Azalea and Roses.

Bring your questions.


The upcoming Spring Show will be held May 4th and 5th.

Visit us on Saturday, May 4 from 10AM-5PM | Sunday, May 5  from 10AM-4PM

Come and join the Denver Orchid Society for a dazzling display of hundreds of blooming size and unusual orchid varieties. Visitors can purchase plants to benefit the Orchid Society or find the perfect orchid in time for Mother’s day. 

Society members will be on hand to share tips & tricks to keeping particular plants healthy and blooming, while offering one-on-one advice to frustrated orchid hobbyists. Finally, an exhibition of the finest flowering specimens from the Gardens, other Societies and local orchid growers will delight those interested in witnessing the largest orchid show display in Denver this year.

Garden tickets include access to the Orchid Society Show.


Click here for more information about the Spring Show.

To sign up to work at the show click this link


Meeting General Information

The Denver Orchid Society meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, with the exception of a summer break in July and August. Our meetings include a short business discussion, an informal Show-and-Tell, an expert speaker orchid presentation, and the sale of orchid plants.

2024 Meeting Schedule

    • January 9 — Carol Buele: The Essence of Japan & Fuukiran

    • February 13 — Arnold Gum: Taking Pictures of Orchids in Field and Forrest

    • March 12 — Bridget Uzar: What’s Up and Growing

    • April 9 — Sarah Hurdel: Habernarias
    • May 14 — Leon Glicenstein: Jewel Orchids
    • June 11  — Ron Burch: Hardy Perennial Orchids for Colorado

    • July & August — No meetings
    • September 10 — Tim Culbertson: Pescatorea – Bollea Alliance series
    • October — TBD
    • November 12 — Fred Clarke: Cycnoches, Mormodes, and Catasetums
    • December 8 — Christmas Part and Annual Business Meeting





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