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If you are visiting this page from outside the Denver area — possibly from elsewhere in Colorado, or from another state, or even another country — then we invite you to join our Society and attend meetings through Zoom. You are free to attend two meetings before deciding to join us officially. Just send an email to Jojo deBeaubien at and she will send you a Zoom link so you can lurk long enough decide whether to join us. We’ve been meeting now for more than 70 years.

The June meeting will be held June 13th in person and by Zoom. Meeting starts 6:30 for socializing and 7 PM for the main meeting. The place is:

Denver Botanic Gardens 1007 York St, Denver, CO 80206.

The room will be Gates Hall. Coming in the main entrance, Gates is just past the bathrooms on the left.

Enter by the Pinion gate, a small gate just north of the main entrance. Once inside, go through the main entrance and proceed up the steps and all the way to the back to find Sturm Hall. It’s behind you when you hit the office area.

Interested members of the general public are welcome to attend up to two meetings before deciding whether to join the Denver Orchid Society.


The June meeting will be Tuesday, June 13th and will be presented by Alan Koch.

Alan will be speaking in person. He will be bringing plants to sell and for the opportunity table.

He will be talking about Mini Vandaceous Species and Hybrids for the Home Grower
One of Alan’s favorite subjects with lots of variety, colorful flowers and plants that will
flower several times a year. Learn which plants to pick and how to grow them.
Alan Koch owns and operates Gold Country Orchids where he specializes in miniature
and compact Cattleya’s. Alan started growing orchids in 1969 with 3 Cymbidiums given
to him by an aunt. While in college he became interested in other orchids and
discovered many would grow outdoors in Southern California. He has moved five times
as his orchid obsession has led to the need for more growing space. With the last move,
he purchased 10 acres of land in Lincoln, California for his 250,000 orchids. He is
recognized as an expert in the Brazilian Cattleya alliance and a trend setter in miniature
compact and Cattleya breeding.
Alan has been published in the Orchid Digest, the American Orchid Society magazine,
as well as many International Publications. He has also been published in several
proceedings of the World Orchid Conference. He is an internationally known speaker.
He is a past member of the AOS Judging Committee, and the Research Committee, as
well as an Accredited Judge and is Training Coordinator for the California Sierra
Nevada Judging Center. Alan also served two terms on the Orchid Digest Executive
Committee and 3 terms on the Board of Directors, as well as two terms as a Trustee for
the AOS.

Pictures from the Denver Orchid Society Spring Show

To see pictures of the Spring 2023 show click on the following link:


Fall Show 2022:

To see pictures from the fall show click the link below

Fall 2022 Orchid Show


Meeting General Information
The Denver Orchid Society meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, with the exception of a summer break in July and August. Our meetings include a short business discussion, an informal Show-and-Tell, an expert speaker orchid presentation, and the sale of orchid plants.


2023 Meeting Schedule

  • January — Glen Decker: Slipper Orchids
  • February — Beth and Keith: Pests, Fertilizer, Repotting, and Dividing.
  • March — Jojo and Shirlee: How We Grow
  • April — Peter Lin, Diamond Orchids: Angraecum, Aerangis & Aeranthes
  • May — Bill Thoms: Bulbophyllums
  • June — Alan Koch, Gold Country Orchids: Mini Cats
  • July — No Meeting
  • August — No Meeting
  • September — Carol Klonowski: Tolumnias
  • October — Tomas Bajza, Tarzane Group: Miniature Orchids
  • November — TBD
  • December — Christmas Part and Annual Business Meeting

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