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If you are visiting this page from outside the Denver area — possibly from elsewhere in Colorado, or from another state, or even another country — then we invite you to join our Society and attend meetings through Zoom. You are free to attend two meetings before deciding to join us officially. Just send an email to Jojo deBeaubien at and she will send you a Zoom link so you can lurk long enough decide whether to join us. We’ve been meeting now for more than 70 years.

The October meeting will be held October 3rd in person (no  Zoom). Meeting starts 6:30 for socializing and 7 PM for the main meeting. The place is:

Denver Botanic Gardens 1007 York St, Denver, CO 80206.

Enter by the Pinion gate, a small gate just north of the main entrance. Once inside, go through the main entrance and proceed up the steps and all the way to the back to find Sturm Hall. It’s behind you when you hit the office area.

Interested members of the general public are welcome to attend up to two meetings before deciding whether to join the Denver Orchid Society.


The October meeting will be Tuesday, October 3rd (earlier than usual) and will be presented by Tomas Bajza.

Tomas will be speaking on “Growing Miniature Orchids” .

An orchid lover and addict, Tomas originally came to the USA from the Czech Republic and settled
down in hot tropical Miami, Florida. He adored orchids during his teenage years, but at that time
there weren’t many to see in his country. Even though he’s been living in Florida and surrounded by orchids for so many years, Tomas started growing orchids in Florida in 2008. He started with the usual grocery store selling orchids, like Phalaenopsis and Dendrobiums, slowly adding some
Cattleyas and Vandas since these were the orchids that everyone in Florida grows.
2010 was the first time Tomas had ever seen a miniature orchid. He had no clue that such a thing
even existed! He fell in love immediately and ordered a few. When they arrived, they were even
smaller than he ever imagined. That was it, he was bitten by a “huge” miniature orchid bug. He is a
very stubborn grower and does not listen to anything, like the word “impossible”. He likes all
orchids, but has a huge amount of love for cold to intermediate growing species. He was told by
many growers that due to the hot climate in Florida that these types of orchids could not be
grown.  Through extended research, reading and being active in different orchid boards and orchid
groups, He’s learned tremendously and became an advance grower for miniature orchids.

The Recent Fall 2023 Show, held Sept 16,17 2023

Stay tuned for pictures from the Fall Show

Check back here after the show for show pictures


Meeting General Information

The Denver Orchid Society meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, with the exception of a summer break in July and August. Our meetings include a short business discussion, an informal Show-and-Tell, an expert speaker orchid presentation, and the sale of orchid plants.


2023 Meeting Schedule

    • January — Glen Decker: Slipper Orchids

    • February — Beth and Keith: Pests, Fertilizer, Repotting, and Dividing.

    • March — Jojo and Shirlee: How We Grow

    • April — Peter Lin, Diamond Orchids: Angraecum, Aerangis & Aeranthes

    • May — Bill Thoms: Bulbophyllums

    • June — Alan Koch, Gold Country Orchids: Mini Cats

    • July — No Meeting

    • August 6th — DOS summer potluck

    • September 12th– Carol Klonowski: Tolumnias

    • October 3rd (a week earlier then normal) — Tomas Bajza, Tarzane Group: Miniature Orchids

    • November 14th — Kelly Mccracken — Growing under lights

    • December 12th — Christmas Part and Annual Business Meeting


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